How To Know A Loved One Needs Psychiatric Help

Have you been wondering whether a loved one needs psychiatric help? You may be seeing some signs that point in that direction, but you may not be completely sure and you don't want to make a mistake. The fact is, that when a person needs psychiatric help there are several unmistakable signs. Here's a look at some of the more common warning signs.

Difficulty Functioning 

If your loved one is having difficulty doing basic activities that are necessary to daily life they may need professional help. If they are becoming too dependent on someone else to take care of important issues that they would normally take care of on their own, this indicates a problem.

Rapid Mood Swings

Having a stable mood is a part of normal mental health. When a person needs psychiatric help they will have violent fluctuations in mood. These violent fluctuations in mood are often symptoms of borderline personality disorder or bipolar disorder. You may notice destructive behaviors such as self-inflicted harm, destruction of property, emotional and physical abuse of others. If the erratic mood swings are accompanied by drug and alcohol abuse then it is time to seek professional help. 

Excessive Sadness

Everyone feels sad once in a while but prolonged sadness is a sign of something more serious. It is not normal for sadness to last for long periods of time. If there are other symptoms such as lack of concentration, forgetfulness, low energy, or disturbance in sleep then this is a sign that professional help should be sought.

Suicidal Thoughts

If your loved one has attempted to take their life in the past or if they have been hinting that they no longer want to be alive this is something that should be taken seriously. Never make the mistake of brushing something like this off as foolish or irrational thinking that will pass. If you see all the other signs that have been discussed before as well then do not hesitate to intervene—you may just be saving your loved one's life.

It is hard to accept that someone you love deeply is in need of psychiatric help. There is still some stigma attached to this. However, there should not be. It is important to accept that psychiatric help can be both necessary and effect a positive change in the life of your loved one. If your loved one is suffering from any of the things that have been discussed here you need to take action to help them before it is too late. Contact a professional like Les Linet MD to learn more about how you can help them.

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